Against Abuse Project is an action aimed at engaging artists in an anti-violence artistic project. The action consists of two separate elements. Open Call for Artist, in this activity we invite artists to submit their works on the issue of abuse. In particular, we want to see short film forms, animations, posters, illustrations and comics, and fine arts in the broad sense. The second action is a charity auction, the proceeds of which will be allocated to the implementation of a project that addresses the problem of abuse and the children affected by it.



The lives of us all, around the world for the past weeks revolve around Covid-19. Isolation raises various emotions - starting from overworked people who enjoy time with their family, through frustrated people who lack money for daily life, to victims of violence imprisoned with torturers. The issue of home privacy is raised by the media, in some countries more often, in some less often. Certainly, this is a topic to remember. The faces of the Covid-19 pandemic are also heroes. Ordinary people - doctors or volunteers with food nets knocking on the door of the elderly. Does Covis-19 fit into the topic "Abuse"? Certainly yes. For example, by observing social unrest and conspiracy theories. We encourage you to send us pandemic art works. We will place them on the Website and Istagram. You will also waiting for art works on heroes, where the hero appears there is suffering in the background. When sending work related to Covid-19, please provide information in the subject email Covid-19. You can send fine art, poetry or your own musical piece - we like all the faces of art. Please send your papers to email: mg@artistagainstabuse.org Be healthy and safe!


12-18 /  06  /  2020

The art exhibition will take place from June 12-18, 2020. Be sure to check it out! We are waiting for you.


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Would you like support idea of Artist Against Abuse? You don't have to be the artist! Create short video and tell us WHY are you against abuse? WHY should we protect children?


Due to Covid-19, we are forced to postpone the June exhibition of the Artist Against Abuse.

We are in the process of setting a new date. We hope that the exhibition will take place in autumn. Due to the postponement of the exhibition, we extend the narrative of works for a few months to September 2020.


Dear artists, you send your art works: drawings, posters, sculptures, animations, films and more. We are open to all fields of art. We look forward to your art works, your view of the world and abuse against the world that surrounds you.


12 / 06 / 2020

Do not miss the opening. Details soon. Music lovers will be delighted.


We are happy to confirm place of Art Exhibition in June! Our first show take place in Norwich, England! Artist Against Abuse Exhibition take place in The Shoe Factory Social Club (http://shoefactorysocial.club). Visit The Shoe Factory Social Club website and check that amazing space!


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